Grow Up, But Not Too Much.

I have a tendency to be too serious. It’s not always easy for me to relax and just lay around. When I take time to reflect why, it’s likely because keeping busy and being productive is what has helped me be somewhat successful to date. I’ve also always lived with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. This may be because of where I came from, but it could also be some deep-rooted insecurity making me want to outwork everyone or prove everyone wrong. I don’t even know who “everyone” is. Weird, huh?

A few weeks ago, after I put out a blog post, my wife told me to lighten up. She said the posts don’t always need to be so serious and I should make sure I show the side of me that still knows how to have fun. She’s probably right. Don’t tell her I said that. Sometimes I get so caught up in providing a life lesson, I don’t share the side of me that’s still a kid at heart.

Much of the fun-loving person I can be says completely inappropriate things I don’t necessarily need to share in writing, but the part I do love to share is my affinity of putting together a good costume. Fortunately for me, my wife has the same affinity. And no, for those of you that just had your mind wander to a freaky place, I’m really talking about costumes.

Since I was in college, I’ve always been down for a good costume party. Be it for Halloween, a Christmas party, or one of the greatest spectacles in the world, Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, people could count on me to show up ready to roll. Yes, I have looked and behaved like a total maniac at times, but I don’t care. It’s worth it.

So the point of this post is pretty simple. I grew up having fun being a kid and playing sports. Competitive athletics (not beer leagues) ended with my last football game in college against Central Michigan University. Just because I don’t get to be a kid anymore or play kid games on a daily basis, doesn’t mean I don’t get to have fun. So the next time there’s a costume party and you don’t feel like dressing up, remember, it’s not everyday you can still be a kid, so don’t squander the opportunity.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Buddy the Elf Circa 2007
Dress Like Your Favorite Reindeer – Holiday Party 2013
Hamburglers – Bay to Breakers
Three's Company
Three’s Company – Halloween 2013
B2B 2011
Bay to Breakers – 2011 (The cop didn’t think my fake mustard was nearly as funny as I did)
Ace Ventura, Snowflake and Ray Finkle – 2015 (Bringing James into the mix)
Grandma Got Run Over
Grandma Got Run Over – Holiday Party 2012

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